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Two Singers Who Lost The Magic Of Their Voice Due To Drugs

It is nothing but blasphemy to do things to ruin your voice when you have been gifted with one that can make people move around the world. Drugs have been a big black spot on the face of music history. Many great singers have ruined not only their singing but their entire careers and lives because of drugs. Anyone could become a great singer with a few affordable vocal lessons online if one already has a great voice, but a professional career asks for more. It asks you to be responsible and loyal to those who love you.

Here are two great artists who collapsed into the ground and vanished because of drugs.

The first one is Whitney Houston who was born in 1963 and while she was also an actress and model, it was her singing which she was known for around the world. Who would not have heard the song I will always love you? The song has not only been heard around the world but performed by various candidates in hundreds of singing competitions. The tune of the song has also been copied in many countries but no one could ever sing this melody like Whitney Houston. Her name is among the best-selling music artists in pop music industry.

This legend, who sold nearly 200 million records around the world, lost her voice towards the end of her career. She was caught with drugs at the airport, she missed several interview and cancelled several performances during the time when she started using drugs. She became extremely skinny because of her use of drugs too and during the last performances her voice had been completely ruined. Her mysterious death was also associated with her use of cocaine according to police reports.

The second one is Amy Winehouse who was magic on the stage. The world moved as she started to throw those little dance moves with her singing. Amys voice was also one of the most powerful voices in jazz, soul and r&b arising from England in the modern times. The female with her amazing deep vocals had received 5 Grammy Awards in just the year 2008. She even has a bronze statue of her in London. However, this amazing singer too could not keep herself away from the odds that come with fame and popularity. She also got into substance abuse soon into her career.

She was consuming not just the drugs but she also got into drinking heavily. It is often said that it was the death of her grandmother that pushed her to addiction, but no reason is big enough to justify an artists betrayal with his loyal fans. After canceling many shows and getting into hospital, it was found out that she was having a lot of alcohol and drugs like heroin and cocaine. She was found dead in her house by her bodyguard.

If you wish to be a great singer in future, you have to know that nature sends big responsibilities when it bestows upon you its biggest gifts.


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