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The Best Barbie Dollhouse

Dollhouses are among the best toys that bring the most out of children's imaginations. This article provides a short glimpse of the best five Barbie dollhouses that have remained popular in the market for the last several years.

Barbie dream house: this is the latest version of the of the former Barbie 3 story dream house. It comes with three levels of playing areas. The rooms in this dollhouse are fully furnished, well lit, with lots of play room throughout the house. Also, the house has two elevators, one of which is situated at the center that add to the fashion and the beauty of this dream house. Additionally, the Barbie dream house comes with pink appliances, a dining table that is reversible, canopy bed, and a TV that boasts of multiple channels.

Barbie 3-story Dream Townhouse: this is a luxurious and one of the best Barbie dollhouses found on the market today. It is a newly renovated version of the earlier Barbie Pink 3 story dream Townhouse. It comes with modifications including the fab pink columns and glamorous wallpaper designs. It is a three-story dollhouse that has five furnished rooms including a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and hot tub. It has a functioning elevator that connects these rooms. The rooms are well lit, and there are plenty of sounds from the doorbell, crackling fireplace, running shower water, flush toilet, and the kitchen timer. It is over 3 feet high and is equipped with over 50 pieces of dollhouse furniture.

Barbie ultimate house party: this dollhouse is designed in the shape and the look of a real California beach house. It has the fabulous features you would see in most beach homes. It has the Barbie Glam tool, Barbie BBQ set, and a beach party Barbie doll. It is stocked with more than 30 pieces of house accessories. It has a stylish and glamorous design that any girl would love.

Barbie Malibu Dream House: This is another fantastic doll house in terms of both physical appearance and design. It is a three-storey dream house that has more than six rooms of play. The first floor comprises of the kitchen and the dining room that are well completed with a glam pink chandelier. The bathroom, dressing area, and the sleeping room makes up the second floor. On the third floor, there is an outdoor sundeck and a telescope for viewing. All the rooms are equipped with relevant furniture and accessories. It is more than 2 feet tall.

Barbie Glam Vacation House: this is one of the most flexible houses. It can be used as a single story dollhouse or transformed into a 2-story house dollhouse. Like a majority of other dollhouses, it features a living room and kitchen. The living room can be transformed or converted into a second story sleeping room. Its couch converts to a bed with a pillow. It is well equipped with a lot of dollhouse furniture among other house appliances. High-class furniture and state of the art decorations make this dollhouse earn a top place in the market.


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