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Managing That Wet Dog Smell

Some dogs, like the golden retriever, Newfoundland, Irish setter, Chesapeake Bay retriever, and the Portuguese water dog, are excellent swimmers and are just as playful in the water as they are on land. Other dog breeds enjoy playing in the water as well.However, one of the not-so-pleasant after effects of a days frolicking in bodies of water is the unpleasant smell that emanates from a wet dogs body. Instead of you wanting to hold your pooch, you are suddenly repulsed by his wet dog smell.

Why are Certain Dogs More Prone to Wet Dog Smell?

Some dogs have been shown to have coats that have significantly larger amounts of sebum compared to other breeds of dog. Now sebum is not a harmful substance; it is very helpful

actually especially in these breeds of dogs. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands underneath the skin to create a waterproof coat on the dogs skin. It also traps moisture inside so that your dog will not be dehydrated.Considering that your dog has been frolicking in water the whole day, chemicals in the water interacted with the sebum on his coat, harboring bacteria that give off that distinct wet dog smell.The only way you can prevent this is by thoroughly drying your dog.

Can it be Prevented?

The only way to completely dry your dog is by using a hair dryer preferably set to its lowest speed setting. Although towels can dry the fur of your dog, it simply cannot remove the moisture that is present on your dogs skin. Make sure to use a hair dryer that has a quiet motor because many dogs have been known to have anxiety attacks because of the powerful noise coming from the dryer.If you do not have a hair dryer, you can assist in the complete drying process by placing your dog in front of an electric fan and patiently brush his coat with a soft-bristled brush. Brushing separates the strands of hair on his coat and exposes the skin surface underneath. This allowsthe electric fan to hasten the speed of moisture evaporation.

Give your Dog a Proper Bath

Although you do not need to bathe your dog every day, at the very least you need to give him a proper bath at least once every two weeks to prevent excessive drying of their skin if done

more frequently. Use only shampoo that has been formulated for dogs as human shampoos cancontain harsher chemicals that can damage your dogs skin.Your dog needs to enjoy what he loves doing, even if it means he is at risk of having a wet dog smell. It is your responsibility to prevent that because, after all, you are his caregiver.

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