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Guide to Europe's Stunning Sea Views

There is nothing like starting your day with a sea view, and Europe offers some of the best sea and ocean views in the whole world. The coastal countries of Europe offer a wide range of sensational scenery, inspirational beaches, cliff-top walks, seaside restaurants and other attractions by the sea.

Tourism is very strong at beach resorts and key coastal destinations, and many people travel from all over Europe to enjoy the stunning sea views these locations boast. While on holiday at these seaside destinations, visitors can choose to stay in hotels, campsites or holiday cottages by the sea.

Europe has so many awe-inspiring seascapes its a tough job to narrow them down to a short list of favourites. But this is what weve attempted to do here with a selection of our five favourite sea views on the whole continent. For more inspiration try Best Beaches in Spain - Spain Travel Guide.

Mykonos, Greece - You're so close to the sea here; you're all but in it. Lovely old houses are situated right on the edge of the sea and the views are marvellous. This cosmopolitan destination is one of the most visited in the Aegean; heaps of visitors stay here for the unique experience, and it isn't surprising that many artists have captured the images of this area on canvas. Some of the houses have been converted into bars and you can sit outside and enjoy the sea views and fresh sea aromas. For a different view of the sea, Mykonos is also a stop over for cruise ship tours of the Greek Islands.

Fira, Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a Greek island in the Mediterranean sea, with Fira as its capital. The town with it white-washed houses, lies on the edge of the 400 meter high sea cliffs. There are many little paths in and around Fira and its many visitors love the small streets with shops, souvenirs, cafes and restaurants. From Fira there are superb views of the 18 km long caldera from southern peak Roman lighthouse Pharos to northern peak Agios Nikolaos.

Sagres, Algarve, Portugal - Sagres' geographic location with its 50 metre high headlands which drop into the sea is what fascinates visitors. The wild, rugged landscape is a drawcard for visitors to the Algarve who love exploring the cliffs, the long stretches of sand and the small coves. Sagres is a lively fishing town with the Baleeira harbour which enjoys a fresh intake of fish each day. Some of the boats in the harbour take visitors on scenic trips with sea views depicting the stunning coastline. The headland, Cabo de So Vincente, has a lighthouse and the sea views from the lighthouse promise to be simply breathtaking.

Nature Park Cabo De Gata-Nijar, Andalucia, Spain - A wonderful landscape; a coastal protected area with mountains, cliffs, coves and sandy beaches. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve offers spectacular views of the coastline. The Mesa Roldan Lighthouse is on a hill that overlooks part of the coast of Almeria and there is also a watchtower which was built in 1863 and which offers spectacular views of endless nautical miles.

Kalkan, Turkey - This beautiful seaside gem is famous for its traditional white washed houses with balconies and flowers. Set on a hilltop, and overlooking a tiny bay, the town is a drawcard for photographers and tourists. Boats also take tourists to the beaches and bays, and as the sun sets, it is a tradition in this beautiful town to settle down on the roof terraces with a drink and take in the splendid views of the Mediterranean Sea.


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