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5 Must Have Kids Educational Toys

Kids will always love toys. As such, it is always one of the most important considerations when evaluating how youll spend for them. Some people buy toys according to what their kids like or according to whats flashy in their eyes. However, it is also important to buy toys according to their educational value. There are actually toys designed to help them learn a number of important things. Here 5 must have kids educational tools you must buy now.

1. Sorting toys - This is one of the best toys you can give for kids of all ages, including those who are still below 1 year old. This toy will make them insert particular shapes inside particular slots. This is particularly helpful in developing hand-eye coordination, as your kid figures out which peg the block will fit in. It is also a great way to familiarize your kid with colors and shapes, making his/her transition towards preschool a smoother one.

2. Blocks- The humble block has always been a staple in educational kids toys. While it may seem like its nothing special on the surface, it actually packs strong educational value. The blocks by themselves are great for developing different aspects of motor skill and coordinated movements: grasping, carrying, stacking, and all that stuff. At the same time, these blocks are also great for helping children become more familiar with letters, numbers, colors and shapes. The block is a case study on how a simple item can be so effective.

3. Kiddie books - While they are probably too young to hold real books yet, it wont hurt to get their love for books to start early. Board books are specifically designed for children to read (preferably with the help of their parents). These books have thicker pages that are resistant to tears, large and colorful images, and simplified content geared for young kids. While technically they might not qualify as kids toys, but board books can make playtime a more fruitful experience.

4. Building blocks - Creativity is one of the things that must be developed in children. Anything that will facilitate this development is valuable. One of the best ways to develop the creativity of your child is to give them toys that will make them create their own stuff. One such toy that will allow them to do that would be building blocks. By mixing and matching different blocks, your kids can create their own masterpieces while learning about colors and mastering fine motor movements.

5. Toy musical instruments - This is one of the best toys you can give your kid. It offers a wide range of benefits for them. First, it helps them develop their coordination from recognizing what they need to do for the instrument to produce sounds. These instruments are also helpful in developing their sense of hearing. Last, but not least, playing music will help refine their motor skill. If these kids toys will help them develop a lifelong appreciation for music, that will be a welcome bonus.


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